Bar Z knows compressed air systems are the lifeblood of any shop. We can design and install closed loop multiple drop systems with inlet manifolds that allow a single compressor to be taken out of service while the back up compressor feeds the shop. Refrigerated air dryers with a bypass feature allow for servicing without stopping production or point of use air treatment.

Variable speed screw compressors have come of age and Bar Z highly recommends them. The compressors speed, output and energy usage is directly relative to the demand of the shop. A variable drive can throttle a 15 horsepower unit to the output of a 7.5hp or 10hp machine when demand is low. Energy savings, quieter operation and longer compressor life are the main features of these units. Finally a shop can buy an oversized compressor and not worry about prematurely wearing it out due to excessive compressor cycling.

We also offer custom air line retro fits and upgrades. Materials can be from the exotic (Teflon coated aluminum and copper) to the more economical galvanized and black steel pipe. The new generation HVLP guns and waterborne air accelerator systems demand the most from your air piping system and air controls. Don't let shop productivity fall because of undersize compressors, piping or line moisture problems.

Please use our Contact Us form and tell us about your air compressor requirements. We will contact you to schedule an on-site survey of the proposed installation location and provide a quote.